LPU-01 USB Rechargeable Laser flash drive Pen

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Nane:LPU-01 USB Rechargeable Laser flash drive Pen
Explain:Triple function: flash drive, red laser, ball pen

Model NO. LPU-01


Highly versatile Pointer Laser, ideal for Teachers, Students, Doctors, your Pressentations and much more. Much more effective and impressive then traditional sticks, rulers or hand pointing.

USB Flash Drive,  Rechargeable Laser, Ball Pen

The USB Laser uses Lithium Battery 85mAh, no need to change battery. 

Plug it into your computer through USB Port for battery charging.


Refill: D1 

Size: 144(L)*14(Φ)mm

Capacity: 512MB~32G

Color:Black, Light Blue,  Pink, Red, Green, Gold, White, Silver

Package: Tin Box or Gift Box

* Re-charge every 2 months for better uses.

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