USB-088 口紅造型USB隨身碟

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Nane:USB-088 口紅造型USB隨身碟
Explain:Lipstick shape flash drive, compact elegant appearance, can be used with beads or key lock rings, can store information to facilitate the transport of plug and play


Lipstick style USB flash drive
Model: USB-088
Country of Origin: Taiwan

. Lipstick shape flash drive, elegant appearance, compact, works with beads or key lock rings, can be stored
Information to facilitate the transport of plug and play.
. The appearance of a variety of different colors, 200 colors or more may designate
. Material: Copper
. Product Capacity: 128 M, 256 M, 512 M, 1 G, 2 G, 4 G
Competitive features: high quality, fast delivery, accept the unique design or Logo, competitive price, suitable for promotional items or gifts sales methods: export, wholesale sales target markets: Taiwan, the United States Payment: TT

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