T-01 Capacitive touch + pen + PDA triple

Big Picture
Explain:Touch pen

Model NO. T-01 


1. Capacitive touch suitable for IPAD / IPHONE / HTC .. and many other       smart phones and tablet PCs. 

2. Touch the head with conductive rubber, smooth and smooth, do not         harm the phone screen. 

3. Conductive rubber color can be any replacement: black, pink, blue......

4. Double rotation: according to demand choice of red, blue, black and         PDA Optional two refills. 

5. Smooth writing pen. 


1 Refill: D1 refill (black or blue) 

2 Size: 107(L)*9.7(Φ) mm

3 Colors:  Black, Light Blue, Pink,  White,  Red,  Blue, Silver 

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